Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides
Ontario Muskie Fishing GuidesOntario Muskie Fishing GuidesOntario Muskie Fishing Guides
Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides
Muskie Fishing on Lake St. Clair:
Belle River Marina

Muskie Fishing Video 1
Muskie Fishing Video 2

Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie:
Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour

Steelhead Fishing / Rainbow Trout Fishing on Lake Erie:
Wheatley Harbour

Map showing locations of Belle River Marina, Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour

Contour Map of Lake St. Clair

Fishing Tips:
Walleye Weight Calculator
Muskie Weight Calculator
Trout Weight Calculator
Ways of Cooking Walleye
How to Clean Walleye
How to Butterfly & Bake Trout
Muskie Catch & Release Tips

Local Hotels, Motels & Cabin Rentals

Photos & Video:
Muskie Photos
Walleye Photos
Trout Photos
Muskie Fishing Videos

Charter Information:
Contact Us / Directions / Bookings
Rates / Licenses / Gift Certificates
Our Boat, What to Bring & Rules
Our Fishing Guarantee
Fishing Regulations
Passport Requirements
O.F.A.H Angler Awards
Ontario Outdoor Card
Captain's Newsletter
Fishing Links


Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides
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Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides

Trophy Muskie Photos:

  • Muskie Fishing Gallery 1
  • Muskie Fishing Gallery 2
  • Muskie Fishing Gallery 3
  • Muskie Fishing Gallery 4
  • Older Muskie Photos

  • Muskie Fishing Video

    More Pictures Coming Soon: We have more pictures going back to 1999 that we will be adding soon. Our new webmaster did not want to use the pictures off the old web site. He wants to re-scan the pictures on his scanner for much higher quality.

  • Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides
    Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides
    Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides

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    Ontario Muskie Fishing Guides

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